smiling teenagers after careers interventions

Good careers guidance can lead to successful, happy young people as they achieve their goals.

Consultancy. Schools and colleges are now responsible for their students receiving impartial advice and guidance on their many educational and career options. Most schools and colleges do not have a resident expert and need to employ the services of an outside consultancy to guide them through the minefield of responsibilities they now have to their students. Schools are starting to be inspected by OFSTED to check if  impartial advice and guidance is being provided and explain all the post 16 / post 18 options to young people.

INSET Training for Teachers. With the new responsibilities for schools and colleges comes the need to train their staff to give impart advice but also to ensure that the advice and information they give is up to date and relevant. Your Careers Adviser can provide training to schools.

Careers Adviser in School – contact for our rates if you need a Careers Adviser to provide impartial Careers Guidance for your students. (West Yorkshire only at the moment)

Additional Service to Teachers looking to change careers – having worked in schools for many year I understand the skills teachers have which can be transferred to many other careers. So if you are ready for a change from teaching do contact for an informal chat.