Careers Advice for Young People

Careers Advice Services for Young People

graduates need careers guidance

People need help to choose a degree and career during a recession.

Career Advice and Guidance refers to services and activities intended to assist individuals of any age and at any point throughout their lives, to make educational, training and occupational choices and to manage their careers. A Career Action Plan / Summary of Guidance is produced at the end of a Careers Interview. This will include the next steps the young person needs to make and can be more research into a career idea or completion of application forms.

Young people at the end of year 11 have the choice of continuing education at a sixth form or college. Some may prefer to get an apprenticeship as it suits their style of learning. Since the introduction of the Raising of Participation Age by the government all young people have to continue after year 11 in some form of learning or training.

Parents and careers have a very important role to play at the crucial decision time. Many parents support their children with music and sport lessons, others arrange extra tuition to achieve the necessary grades. It is equally import to arrange a guidance interview to understand the options and potential consequences of each decision.

Career Coaching helps young people put into place the action plan after a guidance interview and is available as extra sessions with the Careers Adviser.

Young People and Adults often need help at important decision points. We have used maps for hundreds of years to guide us to our new destination. In recent times we often use a SAT NAV to ensure we arrive at our correct destination. Expert Careers Guidance & Coaching can help point you in the correct direction. The choice is always yours as it is when looking at a map or listening to your Sat Nav. Do you take the advice or not? What is important is that you are given the choice and Your Careers Adviser gives you that understanding of yourself and the options open to you.

Unemployed Young People 16- 19 (NEET = not in education, employment or training). There is a lot of support freely available for this group of young people and it is worth getting the help available as it it government funded. However, you may feel that your son or daughter needs more support. Your Career Adviser may be able to provide additional careers guidance and career coaching. This service is not government funded but please phone for a no commitment chat about what is available and the costs.

When choosing a Careers Adviser for your son or daughter do ask:

Are they a fully qualified Careers Adviser (qualified to level 7 /  university qualification equal to the teaching qualification PGCE)*

What experience have they? Have they worked with young people? Have they worked with graduates? Have they worked with adults – employed/unemployed/redundant?

USE THE CONTACT US PAGE to ask about our services and charges. Or telephone 01484 655567 for Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford, Wakefield.

Charges start at £100 for young people’s careers guidance.

*there are some people who have a level 4 qualification in information, advice and guidance which is not a specialist careers qualification.